food and interior photographer Malaysia

Born in Selangor, Malaysia. Because of his interest in photography, he started as an assistant for many great commercial photographers, at the age of 25. He is well trained in the commercial photography industry, thanks to KH Chia as a still life photographer (still studio), Simon Chin (fashion photographer), Ronnie Ee (beauty and lifestyle photographer), Hoch (still life), and Aik Khoo (using camera techniques to create special effects before Photoshop was created.)

In the 1990’s, he had found Focal Point Photography Station and started his career in the advertising industry. By end of the 1990’s it had changed from conventional to the high end digital.

Focal Point Photography Station has established itself in the advertising industry and stock library in Malaysia.

Eskay loves to take pictures of still food and architecture. Besides that, he also does fashion beauty and lifestyles as well.